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  • Margaret Burnside

Neglected Managers?

A number of recent surveys and studies are suggesting we are not developing our leaders and managers and that’s having a knock-on effect on employee engagement. In fact, the most recent Gallup Survey


‘Changes to the workplace have hit managers especially hard. In 2023, managers were more likely than non-managers to be disengaged, burnt out and job hunting. They were also more likely to feel like their organization doesn’t care about their wellbeing and to say that they’re struggling with work-life balance.’

As we know, the relationship with the line manager is the key interface between the team member and the organisation as a whole – if the manager isn’t able to perform well as a manager and leader this will, of course, impact our teams. We’ve had The Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting and a good amount of burnout – what next? Unless we invest in our managers and their development we are heading for an engagement and wellbeing crisis.


According the CMI (Chartered Management Institute) – ‘Organisations who invest in management and leadership see on average a 32% increase in employee engagement and productivity.’ Their report ( ) indicates that 82% of managers who are newly promoted do not receive any formal management and leadership training leading to, so called, ‘accidental managers’.


We have some work to do!


Talk to us about how we can help to develop your managers and leaders through our bespoke programmes, executive coaching or accredited leadership and management qualifications (ILM and CMI).


Jon Clifton, CEO of Gallup answers this question:


“What can leaders do today to potentially save the world? Gallup has found one clear answer: change the way your people are managed”


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