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CAKE bespoke coaching, leadership, management and executive development

Leadership Development, Development Consultancy & Accredited Qualifications to help drive your organisation's growth, efficiency and success.

Development Solutions

Leadership, management & executive development programmes designed to shape the future of your organisation.

Leadership & Management

To discuss how our leadership programmes, Lead Beyond, Lead On and Lead Up, could shape the future of your organisation, please contact us below.

Our leadership programmes for senior leaders create a stimulating environment with a guiding structure to help them find clarity in their vision and define their strategy. We provide a supportive and robust network from which to instil a fresh perspective, carve an effective new pathway and shape well-considered objectives to implement the change needed to drive the organisation forward.


Through group coaching, structured activities and the space to innovate, CAKE’s leadership programmes deliver transformative results in the way leaders approach their roles, work through challenges and navigate the future.

CAKE bespoke coaching, leadership, management and executive development

Working with organisations to manage change, unite and engage their people, and strategise and plan for the future.

Development Consultancy

Our consultancy includes the focus areas below in addition to any other area you’d like a fresh perspective on. To discuss your vision and how you’d like our help, please contact us.

In addition to our bespoke coaching, leadership and executive development programmes, we offer guidance through our consultancy service. Over the course of our 35 years in professional learning and development, having partnered with hundreds of organisations and thousands of learners, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to strategise and reach those goals. Whether you’re a company director looking for support on how to articulate your vision or reinvent your strategy, or you’d like to help your management team achieve their goals, align and drive the business forward, our guidance might be exactly what your organisation needs to thrive. 

Development Consultancy

Change Management

It’s natural to shy away from the thought of change, but embracing change is what could shift the culture of your organisation to unite and empower its people, and it’s often the reality of actualising progress. We can equip you with the tools and techniques you need to communicate change more effectively and nurture a seamless transition towards optimal performance.

CAKE Change Management Consultancy Service

Development Consultancy

Engagement Strategy

Does the mindset of your organisation’s people align with its values? Do they share a collective vision for the company’s future? Creating an engagement strategy will give meaning to their work so they know they’re a part of the bigger picture. Whether you’d like help refining strategic communication, facilitating and activating organisational thinking, reviewing employee engagement or you’re simply looking for original team-building events that work, we will help you to achieve a lasting influence.

CAKE  Engagement Strategy Consultancy Service

Development Consultancy

Strategic Planning & Development

We view strategic planning and strategy development as an opportunity to unify the entire organisation around a single purpose and direction. Ideal for key focus areas, upcoming campaigns or for an all-encompassing philosophy fundamental to the organisation, this comprehensive area of development will intertwine ideas, objectives, strategy and culture for a complete and refreshed approach to organisational growth. 

CAKE Strategic Planning Consultancy Service
CAKE bespoke coaching, leadership, management and executive development

"If you are looking to choose a training partner, that gets under the skin of your business to understand its true development needs, and delivers appropriate strategic solutions, then CAKE is the right choice for your organisation."

Enza Andrews – Head of Human Resources, bf1systems

CAKE delivery just the way you like it.

Although based in the UK, CAKE works with people all over the planet. We offer both face-to-face and virtual delivery of our programmes and since many organisations recognise the benefits that remote working brings, we are able to implement multi-site programme development anywhere in the world, scheduled at times that make sense for you and your teams. 


We always love catching up in person with local organisations the old-fashioned way - but as our work leads us to any place where people need CAKE, from the Far East to the USA, we are thrilled to offer remote facilitation via Zoom or Teams for all of our coaching and mentoring, business consultancy and leadership development services.

We offer virtual & face-to-face delivery of our CAKE programmes and development services.

CAKE bespoke coaching, leadership, management and executive development
We’d love to hear from you! To begin our collaboration or to find out more about how we can help engage your team and drive your business forward, please get in touch with us here.

Get in touch to book a consultation with CAKE

  • Lead Beyond Programme – for executives and senior managers who wish to broaden their strategic thinking and who are looking for a qualification in Strategic Leadership and Management (CMI Level 7).

  • Executive & Senior Level Coaching Programme – a personalised programme helping participants to appreciate, plan and deliver the strategic purposes of coaching and mentoring (ILM Level 7).

  • Coaching & Mentoring Professional Programme – designed to support HR / L&D professionals along with business managers in the development of coaching and mentoring skills (ILM Level 5).

  • Lead On Programme – for established middle and first-line managers who wish to prepare for more senior and management responsibilities (ILM Level 5).

  • Lead Up Programme – aimed at team leaders who wish to develop and enhance their existing management and leadership skills (ILM Level 3).

Here are the main programmes we offer…

CAKE offers practical, business-focused management qualifications for executives, managers, supervisors and team leaders via a wide range of programmes. Accredited by the Institute of Leadership (ILM) and Chartered Management Institute (CMI), we deliver several qualifications through to Level 7. We uphold the highest quality for all our qualifications and are one of the few centres in the UK outside of colleges and universities with Direct Claim status for all of our ILM programmes.

Whilst both the ILM and CMI set their own standards for qualification, there is plenty of scope for CAKE to curate a programme that meets the needs of your business more specifically.

Accredited Qualifications

CAKE Accredited Qualifications
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