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CAKE bespoke coaching, leadership, management and executive development

CAKE helps to unlock people’s potential and enables them to thrive...

Coaching & Mentoring

Engage and empower the people of your organisation and optimise performance through meaningful learning experiences.

Coaching & Mentoring

Senior leaders, people in management and leadership teams are often assumed to innately have what’s required of them to lead, manage and problem-solve to support the needs of the people in their organisations. In reality, they frequently lack the specific knowledge and skills enabling them to do so effectively. The impact of targeted development can be limitless and as such, we believe that developing people should be an essential ingredient at the core of every organisation.

We like to think of coaching and mentoring as a dynamic conversation that unlocks individuals’ potential and enables them to thrive; listening, challenging and encouraging greater awareness and a fresh perspective to spark ideas and give people the tools they need to find the right solutions.

Partnering with our clients and learning participants with fluidity, allows us to respond to the development of each organisation with clarity. We take the time to understand its culture and key drivers and are not afraid to challenge original plans and thought processes in order to tailor our support and guide you towards your objectives.


We ensure that workshop content in both professional and executive programmes is clear, captivating, and filled with practical skills to depend on in real-world settings to ignite ideas and inspire growth. To give everyone the best opportunity to learn, we consider factors such as delivery methods, learning styles and inclusivity, time scales, pending projects, supplementary material, reporting and follow-up support.

At the heart of what we do...

CAKEconnect learning platform

How does it work?

Although based in the UK, CAKE works with people all over the planet. We offer both face-to-face and virtual delivery of our programmes and since many organisations recognise the benefits that remote working brings, we are able to implement multi-site programme development anywhere in the world, scheduled at times that make sense for you and your teams. 


We always love catching up in person with local organisations the old-fashioned way - but as our work leads us to any place where people need CAKE, from the Far East to the USA, we are thrilled to offer remote facilitation via Zoom or Teams for all of our coaching and mentoring, business consultancy and leadership development services.

We offer virtual & face-to-face delivery of our bespoke programmes.

CAKE virtual programme delivery
CAKE bespoke coaching, leadership, management and executive development

"If you are looking to choose a training partner, that gets under the skin of your business to understand its true development needs, and delivers appropriate strategic solutions, then CAKE is the right choice for your organisation."

Enza Andrews – Head of Human Resources, bf1systems

  • Each CAKE collaboration begins with a thorough consultation over the phone, via video call or in person (where we’re almost certain there’ll be cake!). It’s here that we’ll get to know your organisation and take the time to understand its culture, objectives and where you’d like our support. Together we will identify the ingredients you need to inspire growth and optimise performance; and define an individualised programme brief to work from. 


    To begin our collaboration, please book a consultation by getting in touch with us. If you’d like to know more about how we can help engage your team and drive your business forward, we’d be happy to answer any questions you have, simply contact us for all the answers.

  • After a careful analysis of your needs, we’ll compose a bespoke programme proposal that aligns with the brief and captures the essence of your organisation, complete with customisable options and delivery methods. The proposal forms the foundation of our collaboration. It outlines a coaching and mentoring framework that will achieve sustainable, purposeful and engaging initiatives to suit your business and the people within it.

  • Once the proposal has been accepted, we’ll devise a clear and practical strategy including timeframes, resource access and communication channels. Guiding you through the process, we’ll form a straightforward plan with key preparations for effortless integration of the programme into the everyday fabric of your organisation. 

  • Since our human-centred approach is integral to our craft, it's in our nature to highlight introductions as an important step of the process. Whether your programme is delivered remotely or in person, we nurture an open, dynamic and encouraging environment for both our facilitators and learners to be a part of.


    Let us introduce ourselves… 

  • Your CAKE programme will cover key focus areas and enable meaningful, self-paced learning experiences via immersive, conversational sessions. Designed to inspire creativity, spark ideas, refine skills and provide useful tools for professional development, your CAKE programme enhances progress and unlocks potential.

  • As a CAKE partner, programme participants have access to CAKEconnect, our digital learning and networking platform supporting face-to-face sessions. CAKEconnect acts as a focal point for ongoing development, offering supplementary material, online community discussions and work-based challenges. Not only does this nourish the learning experience for learners but it also allows facilitators to measure progress, evaluate feedback and adapt sessions accordingly. You can learn more about CAKEconnect below.

  • As your leadership development or team performance coaching programme unfolds, we create opportunities for reflection and feedback to nurture long-term partnerships. We offer ongoing guidance, interesting insights and solutions at regular intervals throughout our collaboration. Our support doesn’t stop with your programme - we’re here whenever you need some guidance, advice, or simply a slice of CAKE!


    Want to share your thoughts or have questions on how we could help your business? Please get in touch and contact us to book a consultation.

Our collaborative process...

CAKE Development Sustainability

We work with you to create an environment for innovation so that each individual has the tools to not only unlock and sustain their own potential but also the ongoing confidence to contribute to the overall progress and success of your organisation.

Read our recent case study on how development sustainability shapes long-term impact. Our partnership with bf1systems spans over many years and is a great illustration of the different types of work we get involved in. 

Development sustainability shapes long-term impact.
CAKE bespoke coaching, leadership, management and executive development

CAKEconnect, our digital learning and networking platform storing everything you need in one place to support face-to-face sessions. CAKEconnect acts as a focal point for ongoing, self-paced development and encourages learners to take greater responsibility for their learning. 


With real-time updates to resources, it offers supplementary material, online community discussions, work-based challenges and help with assignments as well as trend and progress reporting for review and refinement so you can prepare and deliver feedback effectively.

What’s more, in our effort to manage our environmental impact, CAKEconnect allows us to deliver learning material without the need for printed folders and resources; which in turn, enables us to streamline our process in a sustainable way. 

A little slice of the CAKE!
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