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Executive Development

We work with senior leaders and leadership teams in various ways to help their development and the growth or change needed in their organisations. Sometimes it supports the transition from Operational Management to Strategic leadership with executive coaching. Learning in a group with peers from other industries and sectors can provide a supportive and robust network from which to develop and shape new strategic aims and goals!


We can help with all types of senior leadership development and offer:



  • Executive Coaching

  • Executive Team Development and Coaching

  • Lead Beyond Programme



Lead Beyond

Our Leadership programme  for senior leaders, creates a stimulating environment with a guiding structure to help leaders be clearer on their vision and strategy. Through group coaching, structured activities and time & space to think, we see a transformation in how leaders approach their leadership roles and take more control over navigating the future. The programme content is used to create a structure for discussions and coaching maps to a Level 7 accreditation if required. We are approved to assess and certify the associated assignment work that can enable the achievement of a post-graduate qualification.


Contact us for an informal chat with our Programme Director to find out more.

Group Training
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