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DELICIOUS DELIVERY:  CAKE - Your Open Programme Partner!

We offer remote facilitation and virtual delivery for all our development programmes, coaching, mentoring and business consultancy services. email your enquiry to

At CAKE, we believe that developing people should be the essential ingredient at the heart of every organisation.

We are approved and accredited by the ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management), City and Guilds and CMI (Chartered Management Institute) to deliver qualifications up to Level 7 in Leadership and Management, Learning and Development, and Coaching and Mentoring.


Our open programmes lead to awards, certificates and diplomas at all levels. They are accredited by the three best-known membership and accreditation bodies in the increasingly professionalised roles of management and leadership. They are a cost-effective way of developing 1 or 2 people with the added benefit of peer learning, participating in diverse groups from various businesses and sectors.

 Whether you have one person or a whole team of people across the organisation, our programmes are available. Delegates gain the considerable benefit of a flexible approach with the participation of virtual group facilitation, tailored remote online learning, activities and webinars, along with the opportunity to network and learn from their peers in other organisations.

Each programme is supported by our online learning community CAKEconnect, enriching the learning experience through sharing additional learning material, online discussions and work-based challenges.


 Our CAKE team are highly experienced learning and development professionals with a passion and commitment to making a difference, whether at an individual, team or organisational level. We pride ourselves on our reputation and business relationships.


For further information on our open programmes or to book your place, call the CAKE Team on 01603 733006 or email

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Leadership and Management Suite


LEAD UP - Leadership and Management Development Programme

(Level 3 option)


LEAD ON - Leadership and Management Development Programme

(Level 5 option)


Coaching and Mentoring Suite


Coaching and Mentoring Professional


Coaching and Mentoring Executive

Sometimes you just need CAKE...

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