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By CAKE PD, Jul 29 2020 10:15AM

The business world feels like a very different place. These are unique and challenging times for all of us. By now, many of us are slowly adapting to the new normal and made the change to doing so many things from home; it's no surprise that learning is no exception.

With the added pressure due to Covid-19 restrictions getting your people the learning and development they need may seem daunting. We don't know how long the restrictions will last, but learning and development must continue, and we are here to help and support you.

At CAKE, we had already established a robust offering of digital learning. Our strategy was to incorporate face to face as well as online learning sessions to create a blend of development solutions. But, we have had to adapt and deliver our entire suite of development programmes digitally.

For us, though, it wasn't merely just a case of switching face to face to digital. We have all attended webinars that were simply the host talking over slide after slide for an hour, that's not facilitation. That's a presentation and wanted more for our learners.

We saw this as a golden opportunity to do things differently; to revisit everything. We wanted to make things more suited to the modern learner, allowing them access to their learning at the point of need.

One of the challenges we faced was ensuring we had the same engagement factor, those "ta-da" moments we often find our learners experiencing face to face.

We didn't want our experience to be dominated by our facilitators; we wanted our sessions to get learners active while managing the delicate balance of engagement, learning and facilitation.

The feedback so far has been positive and incredibly encouraging. Our sessions are split into multiple sessions which our learners say makes it easier to maintain focus and that they can do more in less time.

We wanted each delegate to have a personal experience, with content relevant to them. Our learners can pick and chose material, allowing greater flexibility to focus on the content that fits their individual needs.

This level of personalisation perfectly supports the individual learner journey, tailoring the content to the learner while still following the same core programme.

It is a fascinating time for CAKE and our learners as we move further forward to something truly transformative. It is more than a temporary shift due to current Covid situation; it's the beginning of a long term solution.

We will, of course, stay mindful of those who will still want to hold face to face sessions once it's safe to do so and we will always incorporate an aspect of that, with digital at the core and everything else working around that.

If you would like to learn about our new digital development programmes and how we can help you overcome your biggest L&D challenge to date, contact the team, we have the tools and expertise to help.

Call 01603 733006 or email [email protected]

By CAKE PD, Apr 6 2020 08:56AM

We are experiencing the biggest change to our lives ever known and for business, the entire ecosystem is changed forever, our customers, competitors, suppliers and partners. Everything changed due to the global pandemic.

As difficult as it may be, understanding and dealing with this forced change is going to be critical in the coming months.

We used to talk about developing excellence in change management as a way of giving organisations the competitive advantage. Now, in the different world we are operating in, we talk about it to survive.

We are all in this together, now is the time for us all to become better corporate citizens. Collaborating, sharing insights and supporting each other where we can.

The world of work has changed for everyone, it’s time to focus on the wider impact this forced change has had and in particular, on our people; how they are as individuals and as teams. How are they coping with the move from what they knew to the ‘new normal’? The situation impacts the whole organisation and the people touched by it.

Much will have had a negative effect on your teams, their wellbeing and performance. We need to help our teams recover, adapt and ultimately thrive.

How you manage process, systems, organisation structure, job roles, and overall morale during this transition period will have lasting consequences long after this dreadful pandemic is over.

During this unprecedented time of change, we can help and support you, your leadership and wider teams to adapt to the change forced upon them.

We can use a blend of approaches to ensure that the changes are sensitively and smoothly implemented; and that lasting benefits are achieved.

Managing this change is critical to ensure continued survival and we are here to help.

This is our area of expertise; we can support you through this.

Get in touch, lets talk about how we can help.

Call the team 01603 733006 or email [email protected]

By CAKE PD, Mar 31 2020 12:33PM

A few weeks ago, we were happily working away delivering and facilitating development solutions and consultancy services to our clients across the country.

Fast forward to today. We are confined to barracks, struggling to come to terms with the ‘new normal’ and a different way of working.

These days we have become increasingly reliant on social media as a tool for making our forced isolation a little easier to bear and for connecting in new ways.

On top of this devastating pandemic, businesses are bracing themselves for another recession, operating in business survival mode.

The coming weeks and months will be tough, really tough but it’s a wonderful opportunity, a real ‘golden’ moment for us to become better people, better corporate colleagues, working together, to collaborate and explore new ways of working for the benefit of all of us.

Our way of working is changing and will have changed forever once this dreadful situation is over. Our digital team are working tirelessly to ensure our clients are supported and our learners can continue to learn.

But we are here to help and support our wider community. We can help your organisation in so many ways.

Our CAKE team are experts in managing and supporting change. We have specialists in mental agility and resilience; this is what we do.

The world of work will be changed forever, a real shift in culture. Our team can support culture change, helping you to successfully embrace and embed the new way of working.

We can enable your remote teams to be effective and productive. We can make a real difference to your business in this critical time by supporting you, your leadership and wider teams.

We are in the middle of a global crisis, but we will get through this stronger together.

Get in touch, let’s talk about how we can help you. Call the team on 01603 733006 or email [email protected]

By CAKE PD, Mar 27 2020 01:06PM

Last night our village and the rest of the nation came together to give a heartfelt round of applause giving thanks to all NHS workers and carers, who are courageously and tirelessly battling the Covid-19 pandemic.

We opened our door at just before 8.00 pm and watched as lights appeared in windows and doorways. Before we started to clap, we listened and heard the first ripple of applause together with whoops and whistles, and the occasional shout out of 'thank you NHS' . We soon joined them in our show of appreciation.

I don't about you, but I felt rather emotional and have that same feeling as I'm sitting here thinking about it. It was such a small thing to do but meant so much to able to show our gratitude in some way.

While most of us are now safely working from home and are exercising social distancing to reduce the risk to ourselves and our loved ones of contracting the deadly virus, for those in the thick of the fight, our front line, our key workers; it is just not possible. They are putting themselves at risk every single day.

We salute you and give thanks to our heroes everywhere. #stayathome

Stay safe, stay well, stay at home!

All the best.

By CAKE PD, Mar 19 2020 12:39PM

We are all in the most challenging of times. The worsening situation surrounding Covid-19 is constantly changing, we would like to reassure our clients and delegates that we have plans in place and are planning more to ensure CAKE continues to provide of our expert service and support.

As always, our values here at CAKE are ‘putting people first’. That includes our CAKE team, our delegates, and our clients, plus all those within the CAKE community who we work and partner with.

No one knows how this will all end and we don’t have all the answers but we do have appropriate continuity plans in place to minimise the risk to our team, and those close to them, while still providing the ongoing support and expertise you would expect from the CAKE team.

We remain committed to the continued delivery of our high-quality Learning and Development Solutions. Our team have the technology and support in place to continue working remotely and are working hard to support clients and delegates on current programmes. They are also busy designing and developing new programmes to enable CAKE to continue to deliver quality Leadership & Management, Coaching & Mentoring and Learning & Development solutions.

The wellbeing of our team and the duty of care to our clients and delegates is of the utmost importance to us all here at CAKE. We pride ourselves on working across our CAKE community as one big team, sharing knowledge, resources and expertise for the benefit of our clients, this will not change. Our continuity plans go beyond ensuring our teams can work remotely. They also include strategies to keep our CAKE community engaged and supported, so they can continue to focus their energy on delivering great solutions and expert advice.

We have a business continuity plan in place and will continue to check and update our plans in accordance with Government advice and share any further updates via our website and social media channels. We will also use these digital platforms to share any advice and tips which we think are particularly helpful during these uncertain times.

And finally, on a personal level, we know first hand how an act of kindness can make a world of difference in very difficult situations, so if there is anything that we can do for you, then please don’t be afraid to ask, we are all in this together.

Stay safe and well,

All the very best from the CAKE team.

By CAKE PD, Mar 13 2020 12:35PM

The world is in the middle of a major crisis; we are facing levels of uncertainty and heading into unchartered waters, never experienced before.

Never before has leadership been tested in such away. The way you, as a leader, behave and act now will determine whether you are a good or poor one.

Every sensible business right now is continually planning for the worst-case scenario. There isn’t a manual or how-to guide to get you through this. While there may be specific set protocols in place, the current situation is unique.

While striving to keep your business running as smoothly as possible, the health and wellbeing of your employees are paramount.

Here we look at some factors that will hopefully help you respond personally to each challenge.

You may find yourself in a stressful and tense atmosphere; this can put enormous pressure on your mental and physical wellbeing leading to an agitated state.

It’s time to stop and take a breath and know that you are in more control than you think. Take charge of your thoughts and your emotions; don’t let your employees lose faith in your abilities.

Stay positive; it may feel like a tsunami is heading straight for you, now you can choose to get swept away or decide to make something positive out of it… there’s always a choice at the end of the day.

Your employes are looking to you for guidance; if you show a positive demeanour, they will feel inspired and productive. With the right approach, even the worst complainers can become your best problem solvers.

As best you can, manage expectations. We know the worst is yet to come, you need to share the seriousness, and the potential impact it may have but prepare your employees for the long term, and remember, it’s not your fault. This is unprecedented; there will be decisions made that you have no control over. It’s essential to keep your composure.

It’s time to be brave and shows no fear… fear itself is contagious, your employees, clients and all stakeholders may feel scared. Show confidence, face the reality of the situation and as much as is possible plan ahead.

Collaborate, seek advice, look at the strategy, revisit and adapt it regularly, to allow sensible decision making, but always be decisive.

Draw on your network, your community. No one is an island, support your peers, help other leaders to cope, bringing you together promotes a feeling of ‘we’ll get through this together.’

We can’t predict how the next few months will unfold, but we can identify behaviours, share tips, techniques and tools that can best support you in coping effectively… learning from others is a great way to start.

Our experience and network are wide and far-reaching, and we are here to listen, support and help where we can.

We are all in the same boat – it would be great to talk – call 01603 733006

By CAKE PD, Mar 12 2020 03:25PM

Talk to us about our remote leadership & management, coaching & mentoring, and learning & development programmes and continue to upskill your employees!

The world is in the middle of a tremendous amount of uncertainty; your people may be feeling isolated. By making sure, they can continue to develop and learn during this time will support and maintain their motivation and wellbeing.

That's why we wanted to let you know that we offer remote options for our development programmes. These are just as effective as a face to face workshops, with a specialist facilitator, working with your people, regardless of where they are working from, online and using highly interactive tools and methods, allowing your people to collaborate remotely and making the best use of their time.

We definitely won't let the current situation get in the way of your learning and development plans.

Contact the team to discuss how remote development could work for your people.

Call 01603 733006 or email [email protected]

By CAKE PD, Mar 9 2020 04:29PM

Establishing a culture of continuous learning within an organisation isn't the exclusive responsibility of leaders, managers or employees. It takes full commitment from the whole team. Each member of the team has their part to play.

By providing a blend of formal learning opportunities with a varied range of resources and experiences, organisations can appeal to different styles of learning.

Employees want to perform better and develop new skills. So, by committing to developing employees, organisations minimise the risk of losing top talent.

L&D must be made a priority. Building development discussions into manager-employee check-ins, employees get the support and feedback they need to ensure they're acquiring relevant skills and are continuously updating their knowledge. By putting employees in the driver's seat of their own development, organisations can ensure their engagement, active participation and it empowers them to take charge of their own career path.

We are excited to be partnering with several clients creating tailored, fully blended development programmes, delivering leaning in different ways, on different devices and at the point of need. Whether it’s facilitated workshop sessions, webinars, or curated content from TED talks, articles, journals or youtube videos, we are designing programmes that enables all employees to learn anywhere and at any time.

If you would like to know how we can support your organisation's culture of continuous learning and development, contact the team at [email protected] or call 01603 733006.

By CAKE PD, Feb 18 2020 02:18PM

Last week, CAKE People Development presented at the launch of the Elena Baltacha Foundation – Sports Skills for Business Development Programme at Suffolk New College. By taking part in this pioneering initiative, aspiring athletes are being given the tools to prepare for life after sport.

We are proud partners of the programme, working to support the education and personal development of the athletes as well as developing the coaching and mentoring skills of the businesses involved.

Sport Skills 4 Business (SS4B), which aims to bring the two worlds of sport and business closer together, is the brainchild of Nino Severino – chairman of The Elena Baltacha Foundation and former British Number One and Olympic coach.

The charity was set up to continue the legacy of Elena Baltacha, who lost her battle with liver cancer in May 2014.

Continuing on the success of the Foundation’s work in giving children, from all backgrounds, the opportunity to learn to play tennis, Nino launched the SS4B initiative.

He said: “Many athletes, across all sports, often do not make it to levels where they earn a living, and so need a parallel career. “This is where Sports Skills 4 Business emerged as a concept.

“By creating a unique development programme of skills honing, mentoring and industry visits, to enable talented athletes to learn how their transferrable skills, will ultimately support them finding a career in or out of the sporting world.

“The tennis world governing body, the WTA supports the initiative, offering an Arena of Opportunity element to the programme, where all the SS4B athletes can identify job roles within the global operation. Whether that is physiotherapy, psychologist, media, finance or sports law, among others, they will also be offering remote mentoring from their base in Miami for the athletes.

“It is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to access a particularly motivated talent pool both through support and volunteer mentors.”

Around 40 athletes ranging from county through to world-class are already involved with the SS4B athlete development programme which will give them an understanding in team integration, the athlete switch from in and out of sport, mental strength and goal planning.

At Thursday’s launch, the first module of the programme, The Champion Blueprint, was unveiled along with the CAKE People Development platform CAKEconnect, in which athletes can access each module and communicate in a safe place with their fellow SS4B members.

Nino added: “These athletes will be supported and educated throughout with their business mentors.

“We are so incredibly grateful for the companies that have already come on board with SS4B including CAKE People Development, Prettys Solicitors LLP, Ashton Legal, Gallagher Insurance, Birketts LLP, Ensors and The Adecco Group.

“In the years to come, they will all help many of our athletes become business owners or chief executives of corporate companies.”

Any businesses interested in finding out more about SS4B, how to get involved and benefit from the programme should email Nino Severino [email protected]

By CAKE PD, Oct 21 2019 11:24AM

Organisations have been using employee satisfaction as a benchmark for employee engagement for many years. Often completing survey’s every year trying to improve their scores, looking to improve productivity, reduce turnover and attract new talent.

Employee engagement should always be a top priority, but organisations who want to stay at the forefront in the workplace of the future need to consider another step.

The modern-day employee requires more… they expect to be fulfilled; they expect to have a sense of belonging, where collectively they are working towards a common goal, an environment where they can grow and develop their role placing more emphasis on learning and development functions. The potential in the modern workforce is just waiting to be discovered.

Having a robust, sustainable employment development plan future-proofs your organisation and creates the workforce of tomorrow. By promoting a learning culture, helps your employees uncover what they are really good at and by giving them the opportunity to excel has a considerable impact on employee fulfilment, productivity and ultimately organisational success.

Contact us to discuss how we can help your organisation flourish, and we’ll help you achieve lasting results.

[email protected] Tel: 01603 733006

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