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The L&D landscape has changed significantly in recent years; the standard model of classroom only sessions is becoming less common and has moved to a more modern, blended approach, combining different learning techniques.


We recognise that in today’s world the modern learner likes to take responsibility for their development, preferring an experience that is flexible and open with access to a wealth of resources, when they need it. Our CAKE approach fully supports modern learning and adopts the complementary use of social learning, eLearning and other techniques combined with the standard model.


All CAKE programmes are supported by CAKEconnect, our online learning community. This enriches the learning experience through sharing of additional learning material, online discussion threads and work-based challenges.  It engages our  learners, creating an environment to suit individual delegates and different learning styles.

It has also allowed us to engage the Line Managers of the programme participants giving them information to enable them to better support the learners and provide a focal point for ongoing development after the face-to-face learning has ended, continuing to provide up to date resources and support with assignments.

It allows us to create a rich, self-paced learning experience, with space for monitoring and giving feedback, which has great benefits not only for our delegates but also for our programme facilitators and the learning process itself.

By using this approach, our programmes content is easy to grasp, and it enables us to use a range of other supporting material. We do our very best to account for everyone in our face to face facilitated workshops, but by diversifying our methods, we can ensure everyone has the best opportunity to learn.


CAKEconnect supports learning in many ways:


Time restrictions of the classroom environment are no longer an issue, which deepens the connections between our learners and our facilitators, creating an extremely supportive environment for questions or concerns to be raised and addressed as well as encouraging conversations and peer to peer learning.


It gives our facilitators a feel for the learner trends and enables them to adapt and act accordingly; it’s a huge benefit to be able to add further resources in an instant from discussions with our learners both in the sessions and online.


Another awesome feature is the reporting; it is always good to be able to have at a glance a quick overview of how well our learners are doing, how far they have progressed and how they are responding to the different methods, which leads onto feedback. CAKEconnect allows our facilitators to use the right tools and blended methods to prepare feedback and deliver it most effectively.


Provides a focal point for ongoing development both during and after the face-to-face learning has ended, continuing to provide up to date resources and support.


Overall, it helps the learning become much more meaningful, it engages and encourages learners to take greater responsibility for their learning, and it makes it fun.

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